• CeCi

What am I Doing Here?

Updated: Aug 14

What are you doing here?

You are okay in the farms!

and in the field...

where you belong.

Sigh,I have to kill you now.

Down the drain, you go.

No more chance, to cause me pain.


Did you have to land in my sink?

Right in front of me.

It's like you're asking for death...

I know.

It must live within.

I wouldn't have killed you, but come in my house?

You don't belong here.

I'll kill you with hot water.

You won't feel a thing.

Oh Man!

Couldn't you have stayed outside?

Now thanks to you, my policy not to kill an insect has to subside.

I have to kill you with kindness because your're my Favorite Slug.

I always found you pretty and special.

Beautiful Lady Bug.


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