• CeCi


Updated: Nov 9

I don't want to live life, if this is, what it is...

I thought there would be more soda than this fizz.

I hoped for more in the plum than this bruise

I simply hoped for more of me, to be used.

I feel like the apple, that fell far from the tree

The girl that went shopping, without the spree...

So spoiled I feel, for simply wanting more.

But every fruit is worth more than its core.

I deserve to be admired and admonished.

Shouldn't I be the prize to be polished?

I am so self-centered, it's true.

But aren't I the fruit, that emulates you?

 Sea cecilia 


I Am CeCi, I Am Double Pisces

I Live Between Land & Seas

Both Lunar & Solarly

Two of Me, Usually

Swimming Deep & Shallowly Understanding Air & Vivacity Between Dream & Reality

I Love, I Feel Emphatically Emoted Sympathetically

This is My Place of Poetry 


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