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Dealing with it

Updated: Nov 9

Dealing with it, in different times and in different ways.

LIFE is what it may.

Doesn't consider us, doesn't consider me.

LIFE is...well, it be what it be.

No pause for sorrow.

No time for me.

In different times and in different ways,

is how it is seen.

LIFE, you won't halt.

Because, you must pass by.

The breath you take, doesn't matter or belabor the sighs.

So I say, don't give up!

your sighs.

Turn your frowns upside down.

I know it's not easy though, and it does comes with time.

But remember, the times when it WAS EASY.

Out necks were exposed and all of our teeth were exposed.

We moved with great ease towards happiness.

Striving in the abyss for that sticky syrup of bliss.

It doesn't take long to remember those days.

When we hugged and we kissed

a love we were surely to miss.

Remember, who it was that completed our list.

LIFE won't take you down, when you grab hold of the anchors,

knowing that they are not too far away.

All aboard with you.

In different times and in different ways.

 Sea cecilia 


I Am CeCi, I Am Double Pisces

I Live Between Land & Seas

Both Lunar & Solarly

Two of Me, Usually

Swimming Deep & Shallowly Understanding Air & Vivacity Between Dream & Reality

I Love, I Feel Emphatically Emoted Sympathetically

This is My Place of Poetry 


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