I don't want to be right...

Updated: Jun 17

I don't want to be the martyr and the dunce

I'm so tired of being right, can't I be wrong just this once

I want to be the one with the hard choice between wrong and more wrong

In the meantime feel free all along to sing the swan song

But no, I'm right, which means I'm the one who is apologized to

For all the wrong doings they will apparently do

I'm the one who gets to invest my entire treasure chest

into someone who admits they can't or won't give me their best

This is not an admirable spot to be in

The bright eyed loser who always believed in

A source that couldn't help but be wrong

And who willingly agrees, I was right all along.

 Sea cecilia 


I Am CeCi, I Am Double Pisces

I Live Between Land & Seas

Both Lunar & Solarly

Two of Me, Usually

Swimming Deep & Shallowly Understanding Air & Vivacity Between Dream & Reality

I Love, I Feel Emphatically Emoted Sympathetically

This is My Place of Poetry 


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